Jessie Nilo

Welcome to Emerge

Flourish in your artistic + spiritual journey in a colorful, supportive community.

About Us

We're growing artistically + spiritually as creative followers of Jesus. 

Why You Should Join Us

We "get" you, and we "get" your art. Share what you love to make, and celebrate the ways God loves art. 

Make your own "I Love Art" journal, and learn how to love the Lord with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength as an artist. Share your art, and share your heart. Join our deep-level mentoring group, and learn how to do art ministry. Be part of discussions and workshops on the power of the arts, quarterly book studies on art and faith, an art critique group for safe feedback on your art, and an ever-growing Art Ministry Resources section. 

We grow in our God-given skills and abilities, while encouraging the people around us to open their eyes to beauty and see who God created them to be. Emerge has lots of Tuesday night gatherings where we share our art ministry stories and pray for each other in real time. All for only $9.99/month. 

We want to see the beauty and freedom God made for you. Join today!